Super Food: Acai sweeps the nation

A frozen but healthy work of art is making its way into our hearts-our hearts then our tummies and then most likely our Instagrams. Having originated from Brazil, acai bowls are sweeping the US. The main ingredient in the bowl are acai berries, which are frozen then blended with coconut, soy and almond milk. The smoothie is then adorned with berries, granola and honey. Is your mouth watering yet? Acai bowls are not only trendy for being delicious, but they are also popular for their wide range of health benefits. Acai berries are anti-oxidant rich, contain fiber and heart-healthy fats making it a super food among health enthusiasts.

Acai Republic

The São Paulo Sm: $5.25 Lg: $8.25                             Image by: Acai Republic
The São Paulo
Sm: $5.25 Lg: $8.25                Image by: Acai Republic

The Original Banzai Bowls

Banzai Bowl Sm: $7.25 Lg: $10
Banzai Bowl
Sm: $7.25 Lg: $10                      Image by: The Original Banzai Bowls

Feature image by: Insatiablemunch


Ice Cream Sandwich Frenzy

You are familiar with the traditional ice cream sandwich; you know vanilla, ice cream between two chocolate wafers. I mean, you must be; it dates back to 1945 when Jerry Newberg invented it and began selling it at Forbes Field. If you love them as much as I do, I have three variations of them for you to check out that will drive you nuts. If you are not the least bit excited about hearing this, then something must be wrong. Are you lactose intolerant? That must be the case. For the rest of us ice cream lovers here are the three ice cream sandwiches you must definitely try!


How does a macadamia nut with pineapple and white chocolate ice cream “sammich” sound? Well, it was delicious. I sampled the sandwich during the grand opening of Chunk-N-Chip’s first shop inside the Fourth Street Market in Santa Ana about a month ago. Chunk-N-Chip has been rolling around since 2007 in the dessert truck business. They hand craft their cookies and ice cream in small batches every day. Chunk-N-Chip’s menu is made up of unique and seasonal flavors like lemon zest and guava goat chesse sammiches. They sell their ice cream sandwiches in both full and half portions. A half portion simply means a single cookie with ice cream on top. Cookies are a little on the small size so, you might as well splurge on a full sandwich.

Price: $5.50

Ice  Cream Sammiches Image by: Chunk-N-Chip
Ice Cream Sammiches
Image by: Chunk-N-Chip

Afters Ice Cream

And we begin to drift away a little more from the traditional ice cream sandwich. Afters’ version of the ice cream sandwich comes in a freshly baked milky bun. You get the choice of a glazed or un-glazed bun, one flavor of their Vietnamese ice cream and one topping. The bun is filled with the ice cream and topping of your choice and re-sealed.  For those  with a sweet tooth, this is definitely for you. I love ice cream and donuts, but the two together was too sweet for me. Afters also started as a dessert truck and now have recently opened a second location in Chino Hills adding to their location in Fountain Valley. This is a place you need to visit early in the day because Afters is considered a “hip late night dessert place.” I visited Afters after 7 p.m. and waited over an hour in line for my milky bun.

Price: $5

Churro Borough

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like, a churro ice cream sandwich. If all your dreams didn’t  come true after reading my last few words, I don’t know what to say. Churro Borough is a dessert truck that rolls trough LA County. They recently have announced a permanent location coming this spring. Their Latin inspired flavors include vanilla custard, horchata and Mexican chocolate. Churro Borough avoids long lines by setting up a ticket system. They promote the place where they will set up at and sell tickets for the hours they will be there. Be sure to follow them on twitter to check out their next location.

Price: $4

Churro Borough ice cream sandwich  Image by: Churro Borough Team
Churro Borough ice cream sandwich
Image by: Churro Borough Team