Meals on Wheels

Food trucks are taking over the nation and, they might just start taking over the restaurant industry. Food trucks have always been around, right? But this new trend features a modern, eclectic, gourmet selection. With the recent food truck hype, mobile cuisine has gained the respect of foodies everywhere. You no longer see them only at music festivals or special events. Food trucks are the event. If you don’t know what I mean connect with a food truck through social media to experience the fun.

Here are three options on my favorites list:

The Grilled Cheese Truck

Image by: Kevin Stanchfield
Image by: Kevin Stanchfield

The Grilled Cheese Truck began as a weekend activity to enter LA’s 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational, a cooking competition exclusively for grilled cheese. It was then when the team decided they needed to bring their creations to the streets of LA. The Grilled Cheese Truck drifts away from the traditional melted cheese on buttered bread we all so dearly reminisce. Their menu includes items like the Cheesy Mac which is made with macaroni and cheese with sharp cheddar, BBQ pork and caramelized onions. Or how does their French Onion Soup sound? This sandwich is made with Gruyere cheese, onion soup compote and a parmesan crust served with onion soup broth. Is your mouth watering yet? Hold on, I’ve got more. Not only does The Grilled Cheese Truck serve cheesy melts like the Brie or the Pepperbelly, but they also have a wide selection of dessert sandwiches. Their dessert menu includes mom’s apple pie melt and a s’more melt. Their event calendar is conveniently posted on their website for you to check out their next location.

Kogi BBQ

Image by: Punctuated
Image by: Punctuated

Kogi is LA’s first Korean BBQ taco truck. Their famous tacos start at $2.49 with the choice of short rib, spicy pork, chicken and tofu. Kogi’s menu has expanded since they first hit the streets Thanksgiving of 2008. Kogi favorites include sliders, burritos, quesadillas and mulitas. They have also added a dessert menu which includes the spicy sriracha bar which is surprisingly deliciously chocolaty. Their food is not only delicious, but it is also very physically appealing. Kogi also has their event calendar posted on their website for you to follow.

Baby’s Badass Burgers

Image by: Al Pavangkanan
Image by: Al Pavangkanan

Baby’s Burgers aren’t only popular among us regulars, but they seem to be celebrities’ favorite burger stop. From Robin Thicke to Dwayne Johnson, many celebrities are part of Baby Burger’s wall of fame. Baby’s makes sure that each burger has a feminine touch. For one, the burgers are each uniquely named. How does the “She’s Smokin!” sound? Does “The Other Woman” sound appealing to you? The burgers are big, filling burgers. They are all about ½ lb. Slaters 50/50 is probably the best comparison to their size.

If you happen to fall into the food truck craze after this post, I recommend you check out the LA Street Food Fest held in Pasadena on July 11.

Featured Image by Alonzo


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