Popsicle Trend Heats Up

Forget everything else- popsicles are the coolest way to keep cool this summer. Gourmet popsicles have begun taking over the cupcake trend, and I have to say, it is not a bad trade. For one thing, we won’t have to worry about eating so much bread just to keep trendy. The new trend is a healthier approach to desserts. Gourmet Popsicle shops use fresh fruit, no preservatives and no artificial flavorings in their frozen treats. Not only are they delicious, but also guilt free! Do you remember your childhood when all you could wish for was a cool Popsicle on a hot summer day? Popsicles have become a trend for adults everywhere. Some Popsicle shops have even entered the catering business. They come to your event  with an ice cream cart and give out popsicles to your guests. Is that too much? Below are the trendiest Popsicle shops in the area for you to check out before you decide on booking any catering.


Image by: Brooke Podgorski
Image by: Brooke Podgorski

Popbar has locations worldwide with only two in the U.S, one in Anaheim and one in New York. The location in Anaheim is inside the Packing District, one of the trendiest culinary walkabouts in Orange County.  Their popsicles are made fresh every day using fresh fruit. The popbars are made in small batches of 26 bars at a time. Step1: You are given the choice of a popgelato, popsorbetto or yogurtpop, each with a wide a variety of flavors. Step 2: You chose your chocolate dipping. Step 3: You chose your toppings. How does an apricot popsorbetto sound, or how about a hazelnut popgelato? This is a place you will never find line-free. The line for Popbar usually circles around the shop, so make sure you give yourself some time. One last thing, don’t call them popsicles, they absolutely hate it!

Price: $3.99 (.50 cents per additional topping)

The Ice Bar

Image by: The Ice Bar team
Image by: The Ice Bar team

The Ice Bar has only one location, and it is in West Covina.  Their popsicles are honestly a work of art. You’ll surely find yourself snapping some pictures as soon as you get your hands on one. They are made with fresh fruit- daily. Their pops are limited to four flavors: Nutella bananas and cream, mango strawberry, korean pear blueberry and strawberry lemonade. That is probably the only bad side to The Ice Bar, but their wide range of toppings makes up for it. Once you pick your Popsicle and the toppings you want, you get to watch them carefully put it together into something so beautiful you won’t want to eat. Well, maybe you will. I’ll let you decide.

Price: $3.25

Featured image by: Aforestfrolic


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